Every great venture begins with a dream & every great entrepreneur is a dreamer inside.

We invest in truly innovative, early-stage B2B or B2C technology ventures in Turkey, Eastern Europe & Baltics.

Our Vision

We invest in founders with global aspirations and guide them in achieving their goals

  • We believe and see that there is abundant entrepreneurial talent, with technically sound, ambitious entrepreneurs in Turkey, Eastern Europe & Baltics
  • We invest in great founders working on important & globally relevant problems with world-class technology at the core of their products

Our regional presence will continue to enable us to create a bridge between Turkey and Eastern Europe & Baltics

  • We aim to act as a bridge between Eastern Europe & Baltics and Turkey, introducing startups from these regions to the significantly large Turkey market through our local network
  • We also aspire to introduce startups in the Turkey market to these regions, and help them enter new markets and raise additional funds through our partner network

We focus on

B2B Cloud
Big Data & AI
Marketing tech
Health IT

We are looking for

Early stages of a venture is never easy. Growing pains come in different shapes and forms. We can help you with most of these pains, however we think a few factors should come with the DNA of your venture, in order to come out of these early stages as a scalable, profitable, growth company. These factors, together, form our investment criteria:

We are looking for great teams. Period. This means a reputable and relevant track record, as well as great team dynamics where members complement each other in skills, expertise and character.


Our ideal venture uses world-class technology to either...


...create or disrupt a market with significant size.

Business Model

Your business model, although subject to pivoting, should be unique & disruptive, and should have a clear customer proposition and high entry barriers. We are not looking for ideas that are easily cloned. We are looking for defensible innovation.