Revo Capital

Every great venture begins with a dream and every great entrepreneur is a dreamer inside. Entrepreneurs need help to take their dreams to the next level. With this vision, we named ourselves Revo, meaning ‘dream’ in Esperanto, an “invented world language” attempting to unify the people across the world to freely communicate with each other.

We are a venture capital fund investing in truly innovative, seed & early-stage B2B or B2C technology ventures in Turkey.

What We Are Looking For

Early stages of a venture is never easy. Growing pains come in different shapes and forms. We can help you with most of these pains, however we think a few factors should come with the DNA of your venture, in order to come out of these early stages as a scalable, profitable, growth company. These factors, together, form our investment criteria:

  • We are looking for great teams. Period. This means a reputable and relevant track record, as well as great team dynamics where members complement each other in skills, expertise and character.
  • Our ideal venture uses world-class technology to either create or disrupt a market with significant size.
  • Your business model, although subject to pivoting, should be unique and disruptive, and should have a clear customer proposition and high entry barriers. We are not looking for ideas that are easily cloned. We are looking for defendable innovation.

We only focus on a limited subset of business areas:

B2B Cloud

Today’s small/medium businesses and enterprises are forming/transforming their IT infrastructure with the help of cloud. This area covers all cloud-based enterprise support services and emerging ICT solutions.

Internet Of Things

Distributed businesses are now able to track and manage their operations, thanks to connectivity and M2M applications. Personal network of devices are also growing. This area covers all machine-to-machine solutions and connected hardware products.


Neo Commerce & Enablers

eCommerce requires a ‘neo’ approach. This area covers truly disruptive digital commerce services that go beyond a typical e-retail store or any enabler platform supporting the digitization of commerce.


Revo can provide you with the necessary tools while ‘crossing the chasm’.


Continuous Mentorship

Strategic management, business planning and leadership are among many abilities an entrepreneur should be capable of. Team Revo is made up of serial entrepreneurs, long time strategists and technologists and we are ready to share our aggregated experience in starting, leading and exiting in $B+ projects and ventures for various industries. We love to talk about your products, plans and vision. We love to bounce ideas and help pinpoint solutions. And we are available to you beyond just an annual board meeting.


Extensive Network

A friendly customer… A trusted strategic partner… Or a talented recruit… Every business relies on good network management. Our long time expertise in Turkey and abroad allows us access through the right doors helping carry your venture further. In addition to our strong advisory board, additional industry specific advisors are engaged with our investments.


Required Capital

Capital is important. But creating capital-efficient routes to growth is even more important to create sustainable business economics. Every venture is unique by its status, stage and requirements. That’s why Revo works on milestone based roadmaps, providing the funds to get to the next stage of your venture which is mutually agreed upon with the entrepreneurs. Within this framework, Revo provides between $250,000 and $4,000,000 in a given investment round.

If you believe your venture fits our investment criteria, please don’t hesitate to send your application for a partner to review.